Oceanian Perspectives on Human Dignity

Brigham Young University – Hawaii, Laie, Hawaii

23-25 April 2024

The Human Dignity Initiatives honoring the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights continues into 2024 as we continue to promote the creation and sustaining of cultures of dignity around the world, including the creation by the United Nations of a Human Dignity Day.

Oceanian Perspectives on Human Dignity Conference was an opportunity for scholars, experts, and leaders to expand our understanding of how human dignity is addressed from a variety of Oceanian perspectives. Delegates from various Oceanian countries presented papers at the conference to help us understand how human dignity is understood in systems of thought as well as from cultural and societal perspectives. Given the unique challenges of Pacific communities, our hope is that perspectives and suggestions coming from this conference may be considered by government and other regional decision-makers as they seek to find new and better ways to address these challenges.  We anticipate that some of the papers prepared for this conference, or summaries thereof, may be published in some format.

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