Carmen Asiaín Pereira – Alternate Senator, General Assembly of Uruguay; Professor of Law and Religion, University of Montevideo

Carmen Asiaín Pereira serves as a senator in the Parliament of Uruguay, and as vice president of the Latin American Consortium for Freedom of Religion and Belief. She is a professor of law and religion, graduate studies program, at the University of Montevideo and a professor of law and religion and of health law, graduate program, Facultad de Teología del Uruguay Monseñor Mariano Soler. She has participated as a panelist on religious liberty and law and religion at international conferences, and at the UN, and has published papers internationally on many topics. Dr. Asiaín is a member of the Judeo-Christian Fellowship and a founding member and vice-president of the Instituto de Derecho Religioso del Estado (IDRE), Uruguay, and of the International Advisory Council, Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Law General Journal, IUSTEL. As an attorney accredited by the National Ecclesiastical Court (Uruguay and Argentina) and a partner at the law firm of Pollak & Brum, she is a litigator in matrimonial canon law. She is an advisor and litigator in cases involving freedom of conscience and religion or belief against the State. Dr. Asiaín received a doctor in law and social sciences from the University of the Republic.