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T. Jeremy Gunn – Professor of Law and Political Science, International University of Rabat

Jeremy Gunn speaks at the Center for Global Humanities on the UNE Portland Campus on 11.22.13

T. Jeremy Gunn, Professor of Law and Political Science, International University of Rabat, Morocco, was previously Professor of International Studies in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Al AKhwayn University. Prior to these appointments in Morocco, he served as director of the program on Freedom of Religion and Belief at the American Civil Liberties Union and as director of research at the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. He earned his PhD from Harvard University, JD from Boston University (magna cum laude), MA from the University of Chicago, and BA in International Relations and Humanities from Brigham Young University. His publications include his Harvard dissertation, published as A Standard for Repair: The Establishment Clause, Equality, and Natural Rights, and the articles ‘Religious Symbols in Public Schools: The Islamic Headscarf and the European Court of Human Rights Decision in Sahin v. Turkey’; ‘Permissible Limitations on Religion’; ‘Freedom of Religion and International Politics’, World Politics Review; ‘Religious Symbols and Religious Expression in the Public Square’; ‘The Human Rights System’; and the book, No Establishment of Religion: America’s Original Contribution to Religious Liberty, ed. with John Witte Jr. (OUP 2012).